The Bingo Maker - FAQ
General questions about the bingo maker software
1 How do I insert a license key?
2 Some bingo templates fail to open. What do I do?
3 How many bingo cards can I make using The Bingo Maker?
4 What is a bnz (bingo template update) file?
5 What is a bng (bingo template) file?
6 What are the system requirements for the Bingo Maker Software?
7 I am getting an error when trying to start the application
8 Where can I download the bingo maker software?
9 Is there a trial version for the bingo maker software?
10 Do I need prior knowledge before using the bingo maker software?
11 Can I export the bingo card to a PDF file?
12 Can I download The Bingo Maker user manual in a PDF format?
13 What do I do if I don't want to use the free space in my bingo game?
14 Can I change the writing of the free space in my bingo card?
15 Is there any limitation for the number of times I can use the bingo maker software?
16 Can I change the words in the pre-made bingo card templates?
17 How can I open a pre-made bingo card template?
18 How do I add an image to the bingo card?
19 How do I remove an image from the bingo card?
20 How can I enter new bingo items?
21 How many words should be used when making a bingo game?
22 Can I use my home printer to create the bingo cards?
23 How can I print the bingo items list?
24 How do I save my custom made bingo card template?
25 How can I open a bingo card file I saved?
26 I would like to have my bingo cards printed out professionally
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